End of Season Hat Tournament
When - December 3rd at 10:00 sharp and runs until 4:00, Registration table opens at 9:15
Tournament participants, thanks you for signing up for the tournament. We had an weird number of players, and simply could not get up to 6 teams, but also want to maximize your playing time. Thus, we have 5 teams, and will play a round robin to determine the champion. Feel free to invite someone last minute if any of your friends missed out.

We play on field 83 tomorrow at Randall's Island. This is the map - http://randallsisland.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/RI-Bronx-Shore-Existing-Fields-No-Orientation-signs-copy1.jpgTHE FOOTBRIDGE AT 103rd street is closed so you will need to drive or take the bus. You will take the bus (M-35) from 125th and Lexington to field 91. You have to get out there and walk toward field 83. Give yourself plenty of time to make the trip. 

Format -
  • This is going to be a 5/2 tournament because we only have 18 women. There might be a few points where the ladies want to take a break, and we go down to 6-1, but I prefer that we stay 5-2 the whole day. 
  • Games are to 11. We want to keep the day moving along so you can get back home at a decent time. We are also doing this because each team has a bye round, and we don't want you waiting around that long.
  • You must win by 2, but games are capped at 13. 
  • Soft caps (highest score +2) will go on 50 minutes into each game, with hard caps (last point) going on 60 minutes in. 
  • In order to keep on schedule, we will be assessing points every 5 minutes a team is late, you must have at least 5 to start the game.
  • Each team should have 14 players on their squad if everyone shows up.
What To Bring -
  • 1 Light and 1 Dark Shirt
  • Extra Water
  • a Snack
  • $15 if you didn't play in the UltiNY fall league (most of you)
  • We will have bagels, water, and clif bars available
SCHEDULE - (First game on 83A, Second game on 83B)
  • 10:00 - Team 1 vs. Team 5 ; Team 2 vs. Team 4
  • 11:10 - Team 1 vs. Team 3 ; Team 5 vs. Team 4
  • 12:20 - Team 5 vs. Team 2 ; Team 3 vs. Team 4
  • 1:30 - Team 1 vs. Team 4 ; Team 3 vs. Team 2
  • 2:40 - Team 1 vs. Team 2 ; Team 3 vs. Team 5

Team 1
Alexandra Pellillo, andy eklund, Anna Membrino, Anna Rosofsky, Brendan Awerbach, Emmanuelle Humblet, Jason Leehow, jason yun, John D Joyave, Krisztina Jozsef, Richard Shyong, Ryan Mallen, Tom Sum, Tony Valentin

Team 2
Adam Goff, Cassie Wong, Cory Burdick, David Butler, Greg ???, Jonathan Smith, Josh Kent, Karen Milch, Lillian Ng, Max Parr, Peter Valdez, Roshan Hariharan, shannon waugh, William katz

Team 3
Carson Thomas, Cary Hammond, Denis Blount, Derek Baquero, Eli Rosenthal, Eric Wright, Jairam Ranganathan, James Kulinski, Kahyee Fong, Liz Lee, Maggie Mead, Mateo, Noah Polsky, Raymond Chu

Team 4
Albert Wu, Alex Berzofsky, Ally Dongia, Clayton Nelson, Corbett Walsh, Evan Frasz, Huan Mak, Izzy Bryant, Laura Danforth, Lu Wang, Matt Jamieson, Richie Guilfoyle, Tina Yen, Zak DonGia

Team 5
Alex Greene, Ben Loe, Carlos Valle, Heather Ingram, Heather Stoner, Jess Kwan, Joe Pellicano, Ken Borrelli, Kirk Snyder, Matthew Danzig, Nathan Salwen, Randy Peralta, Willard Davis, Wee Kiat Teoh

November 19th Hat Tournament