April 3rd Hat Tournament

Spring is here and it is time to play some ultimate. UltimateRec is hosting a hat tournament out at Randall's Island starting at 11:30 on April 3rd.

To get to the fields from Manhattan, take the M35 at 125th and Lexington.
There will be a bus at 10:45, 10:57, 11:12 and 11:27 that will get you to the island with plenty of time to warm up and meet your teammates.

Here's The Schedule

April 3rd Hat Tournament

Here are the rosters
Team 1
Andy Huang
Dhwani Shah
Joel Soltman
Carly Lochala
Zeb Dropkin
Denis Blount
Cary Hammond
Elizabeth Bond
Amanda Nicol
Mark DellAquila
Reynaldo Punzalan
Li Yu
ian zelesko
Devon Huang
Josh Kent
Manuel Fergus
Andre Pilette
Nicolas Barajas

Team 2
Maggie Mead
Alex Asen
Yael Klein
nate clifford
Alyssa Frankel
Melissa Ames
Rene Shen
David Louie
CJ Perretta
Jim Stokes-Buckles
Nina Glass
Ryan Sun
Eric Eto
Zach Safford
Andre Lazar
Andrew Eklund
Matt Frizzell

Team 3
Sara Toguchi
Andrew Feng
Matt Kushner
Denis Sweeney
Terence Sweeney
John Campbell
Dave Landis
Andy Wanning
Matt Jamieson
Michael Ewing
Jacky Lee
Kenneth Ho
Candyce Hoefert
Alan Rotenberg
Jason Sun
Danielle Berardi
Georgia Hart
Jason Tsui
Joe Chiang

Team 4
Elana Cohen
Isaiah Bryant
Lindsay Brown
Brant Stevens
Clayton Nelson
Angela Matsushita
Theo Renninger
Hunt Clark
Cassandra Schaffa
Coe Will
Andrew White
Aman Gill
Vinson Doyle
Amadeo Lasansky
Bert Schuck
Keith O'Connor
Jairam Ranganathan
Harinthon Chanilal